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Performing Pets is a family run company with over 20 years experience in supplying pets and animals to leading industry professionals and gaining massive credits in film, theatre, media, therapy, education and special events.
Our highly trained staff have grown on the farm, gaining vast knowledge and key expertise with hands on experience of farmlife and all aspects of our business.
We are fully licensed in performing animals and DBS checked with chaperone and close protection licensing. 

Performing Animals License LN/201900765

Our Pets and Animals

Our North London farm has passed through generations and progressed through time to now become one of the most successful animal providers in the UK.
Our animals are monitored and nurtured from a young age, and treated with nothing but pure love and respect, to ensure that when they perform they thoroughly embrace the interaction and attention, with the utmost trust and faith in us, their handlers. The welfare of our animals is our no1 priority, and key to our success. 


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